As a consumer, we all have many questions and inhibitions in our mind when it comes to eating out. We depend heavily on the social media reviews or references from friends. Yet, we end up being disappointed if our expectations are not met. We are also worried about the after effects of so called tasty food outside.
In such scenario, for most of us, home made food is the best choice and home like food is the next best option.

Ishta Cafe

At Ishta Café our endeavour is to give home like food to our customers, while giving them an experience of trendy food that is available with fast food giants. We make contemporary food with traditional and healthy grains that gives rise to great taste and health comes as a by product.
With us, you will no more have questions about hygiene, taste, health or demographics our food can cater to. All the tenets have been answered with our innovative food.
Finally, We have busted the myth.

Curry Leaves Juice

Curry leaves are known source of antioxidants and they

improve the health for the hair and skin.

Curry leaves can be had in the form of juice and you won’t believe, it’s not bitter!
Ingredients: Handful of Curry leaves, 1 portion grated coconut,

1.5 spoons of Jaggery, 2 Cardamoms.
Serving: 2 glasses.
Blend all the ingredients together by adding required amount of water.

Strain it and serve. The pulp can be used for making laddus!

Ready for a food fusion?

See what we make


When you ask your grandma, she’ll say the best food for the body is Rice or Ganji. When you ask your parents, they will say, do not ever eat Junk Food outside. But all your friends say, what’s the big deal yaar?

Now you are caught between a caring advice and peer pressure. What will you do? Go to a fancy junk food place or eat boring Porridge at home?

We have the answer in our MENU. It has been designed in such a way that our traditional grains like millets are used to prepare the trendy food of modern day.

So now you have satisfied both. Your elders and your peers. 🙂

We call our experiment as “FOOD FUSION”



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