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Ishta in one line..

We make tasty and trendy food out of traditional and healthy grains such as millets.

Our Story
There was an engineer. After working in the industry for 21 odd years, he decides to do quit job and do farming. But in the farming, he couldn’t see the amount of fertilisers and pesticides thrown in the field in order to make money. Horrified, he then learnt about Natural farming. A type of farming where nothing comes from outside the field, everything is prepared within the premises. When he had car-full of vegetables, he would bring them to his apartment and sell them to his neighbours. Customers enjoyed the natural taste of the fresh farm produce. It went on for a year. He then decided to have his own place to keep his ‘chemical free’ produce as well as give a space for fellow farmers to sell theirs. Customers thronged to the place.

He sold millets too in the shop. But many people didn’t know how to cook millets. So he had a new partner with an intent to cook millets and serve people. Initially they started serving millet food in the evenings. Together they designed many recipes with millets that attracted people of all ages. People liked the dishes so much that they advice the partners to go all out and have a full fledged restaurant. Now they have three Cafes in a span of one and half years.

The partners are – Vinayak and Asmita.

Meet the Team

Vinayak & Asmita are engineers turned entrepreneurs. Vinayak with his mechanical engineering and MBA, comes with a rich experience of 20+ years in corporate life where he has last worked as a founder director of an Italian company. He has been a natural farmer since he left his job in 2014 and has had his voice heard in many platforms including schools to educate the future generation about the essence of natural farming. He also runs an Organic Shop called Astitva Naturals adjacent to Ishta Café that offers millets and other traditional grocery items and fresh organic vegetables.

Asmita has been a housewife, a teacher and a great cook with taste for experimentation in cooking. She has been the fulcrum in conception of Ishta Café and has been the chief architect of menu at the Café.

Together, they have knitted their passion to create a blend of health, taste and trend.

Vinayak Ishta Cafe Board

Vinayak G

Founder & CEO

asmita profile

Asmita S

Co Founder & COO

Moving forward…

After having started what we call as “Lab-Cafe” in a rather nondescript area that mainly has residential complexes, we now we would like to go out and explore new possibilities in newer areas.

We have been fairly popular in our area with the kind of food we experimented with live audience for more than a year, that too commercially. Having validated our concept, we now want to branch out in new and busier locations.

We have opened our first franchise in Jayanagar.

We are open for new franchise enquiries. Please visit us to see what we do and if that interests you to open a similar concept cafe in your area, let’s discuss!

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Next Steps…

With changing food habits and tastes of people across the country, we would like to incorporate regional and international delicacies made in a healthy way, using millets.


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