Millet Humble Pie

What comes to your mind when you think of Pizzas? Cheese, and mouth watering toppings?

Yes, we have all that on a healthy millet base! We fondly named our pizzas as Humble pie!

The cheese we use for pizzas is a farmstead one and not the one that is available in the market.

We have innovative toppings on humble pie such as Falafels, Pickles, Masala Paneer and so on.

What more, we have some innovative names also for our humble pie – Khushnuma (for Margarita), Jwala (a spicy delight) Ritu (all season favorite) Junoon (made with passion) Khushrang (colourful one) Veg Wedges (falafel topping) and so on..


Kulhad Millet Biryani

Kulhad is an earthen pot that gives an additional flavour to the food served or cooked in it.

We prepare millet biryani in an earthen pot and serve it piping hot in earthen cups.

One can carry home the cups and use it later either to drink tea or to plant a tree.

This is our way of giving back to the society by supporting the potters who make these earthenware. The added taste because of the mud pots.


millet tiffin

Millet Tiffin

We cook a wide variety of South Indian and north Indian breakfast items with millets, such as Idli, different types of Dosas, Paddu, Upma, Aloo Paratha, Poori Sagu, healthy Whole Wheat Bread Sandwiches and much more..


Submit your own recipe to tempt us incorporate in our menu!


Paddu :

it’s also known as ‘gundpangla’ or ‘paniyaram’. served with proprietary “Rassa” that is unique with our concept. Paddus are made with either Barnyard or Little Millet. They are finger lickingly delicious!


falafel ishta cafe

Millet Falafel

This famous Arabic snack item is brought to india in our own very Indian and even more healthier way. The falafel fritters are made with millets and chickpeas, stuffed with leafy veggies and hummus inside whole wheat pita breads. A must have healthy snack which is quite filling too


ishta cafe

Millet Quesadilla

Another Mexican dish makes an entry in Ishta Café in a very indian millet way. The Tortillas are made of millets and that’s what gives it a twist.


sangeetha ishta cafe


This is a cult North Karnataka evening snack but famous only in the region. Ishta Café has taken up to make it even more famous now. The snack has more than 22 ingredients inside and as the name suggests, it’s a spicy tangy sweet musical mixture.

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